It Finally Happened!

Published on 24 September 2023 at 14:34

Today our little family gets to celebrate! Our son, Jeremy, just got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Atzin. We are more than thrilled for these two! We have always thought of Atzin as family, but to make it official, will be the greatest blessing yet. Jeremy and Atzin have a wonderful relationship. They have worked hard and continue to do amazing things together. I know that God has some special plans for them coming up in the near future. I just love being able to watch them both grow and mature into these amazing young adults. I pray that our son can have a loving and lasting relationship just as his father and I have had for over 34 years! Atzin comes from a strong and loving family as well, and her parents have also been together since they were kids themselves! With a strong foundation under them, I have no doubts that these two can weather any storms that may come their way.

My son has never been one for Grand Gestures, so I wanted to put together something special for him to put her ring in. I came across this template for an explosion box. With a little modification, I was able to make a beautiful photo box. This was one of my most favorite projects yet!

Congratulations to our Jer-Bear and the next future, Mrs. Dunn! 

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