Beautiful Littles

Published on 6 September 2023 at 08:51

Let me start by saying, my youngest child is 30yo now and I am not a grandparent, yet!

This past weekend I had the joy of my brother and his two girls, Ryley (5) and Aushia (1), come and visit. Ryley is a beautiful little girl with red hair, blue eyes, and sweet little curls. She was the first female born into my family since my daughter Nicole in over 37 years! She is truly a blessing! Aushia is also a beautiful little girl with red hair, blue eyes, and her curls are starting to come in. Both girls although with similar features, have totally different personalities. 

My weekend was spent entertaining, mostly Ryley, doing arts and crafts, making a yummy dessert, trying to teach her how to do a cartwheel with a yoga ball, and letting her jump on my exercise trampoline. Ryley is full of energy and sass! She will speak her mind, and she goes full speed ahead! Now Aushia, she is just a laid back and chill kinda kid. With an occasional ear piercing squeal, to get your attention, she enjoys watching HER favorite show, Ms Rachel. Now my youngest kid grew up with Barney, and I don't recall what, if anything, that my oldest watched in the late 1980's. But Ms. Rachel sings, teaches sign language, and much more. However, after about an hour, my brain had started to go numb! But Aushia is completely mesmerized by her! On Sunday, I took Aushia out on the porch and let her jump on the trampoline. She absolutely LOVE it! My back, not so much! 

After they left, I breathed a sigh of relief, for somehow I had survived! After 30 years, I never knew how exhausting it could be with these beautiful littles taking over. I can appreciate my empty nest and respect the time and energy their parents have and will be putting in to raising these two beautiful redhead, blued eyed little angels! Although exhausted, I can't wait to see them again! I laughed all weekend and got to make lasting memories!

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