Embracing Mother’s Day: A Symphony of Love

Published on 6 May 2024 at 12:02

Dear hearts, can you feel it?

Mother’s Day is tiptoeing closer, and our souls are humming with anticipation. If your mother still graces this Earth with her laughter and wisdom, consider it a golden privilege. She’s your compass, your first lullaby, and the keeper of your earliest dreams. 

Mothers come in all flavors—sweet, spicy, and sometimes a dash of chaos. They’re not flawless, but oh, how they try! Their love is stitched with late-night worries, scraped knees, and whispered bedtime stories. Remember that moment? When she breathed life into you, cradling you against her heartbeat? Cherish it. She wove you from stardust and moonbeams. Those breakfasts with soggy cereal, bedtime prayers, and secret giggles—hold them close. They’re the constellations of your shared universe. 

Don’t wait for grand gestures. Whisper “I love you” like a secret spell. Thank her for the mundane and the miraculous. Her heart will bloom like a garden in spring. Stepmothers, godmothers, soul sisters—they’re woven into your story. My bonus mom, Marti Morgan, danced into my life with grace. We stumbled, we laughed, and she taught me resilience. When life played its minor chords, Marti had two shoulders—one for me and one for my dreams. She was my compass, pointing toward strength and possibility. 

So whether it’s your mom, your bonus mom, or an influential woman who whispered courage into your bones—honor her.

Remember, love is the greatest legacy.

Happy Mother's Day Week, Mom, Marti Morgan! I love you and I appreciate all that you do and have done for me and the strength, patience, resilience, and over all nurturing you do on a daily basis for our family! You are truly an amazing women who deserves to be honored!

Happy Mother's Day in Heaven, to the one who gave me life! Through all trials and tribulations, she always gave it her all to provide me with the best life had to offer! The first strong, independent woman to show me all that life had to offer regardless of our circumstances! I love you mommy, Carol Crawford Morris-English and I miss you everyday!


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