A Beautiful Miricle - Part 4

Published on 10 May 2023 at 23:03

Welcome back! Well, I was really hoping to have some happy homecoming news to share with you! Although Matthew made it home safely and has reunited with his wife and daughters, shortly afterwards, Matthew went to a PT appointment and was told that his hip wasn't rotating like it should be. Discouraging news only brought about more bad news. Once his employer knew this information, he decided that Matthew was too much of a liability for them to put him back to work. What was supposed to be a "light duty" job, turned into being told that if he couldn't help someone in an emergency situation, that they couldn't keep him on! Being in Hawaii as you may not know, is VERY expensive! Rent is much higher than here in GA, and the cost of Matthew's PT and doctor's visit, are also more! Unfortunately, he has to be out of work for a year before he qualifies for disability there. I have asked his mom what we could do. Right now, she just asks that you all please keep this young family in your prayers!

Please check back for more updates!

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