A Beautiful Miracle - Part 2

Published on 27 April 2023 at 00:40

March 10, 2023 - Jennifer was able to get Matthew back to Georgia. The trip was long and painful for Matthew, however having him back home where she could take care of him and get him the proper medical care was what Jennifer needed to happen to see that Matthew was going to be ok and rebound from this.

Matthew was almost with his company long enough to attain medical insurance. However, the enrollment process hadn't started yet, so Matthew is without any coverage. Being that he is the sole provider for his family, I knew some quick action would be needed. I set up a Go Fund Me page in hopes that we could raise enough money to cover his medical expenses and take care of his wife and 2 girls. At this time, his parents are covering his expenses for Orthopedic visits and physical therapy. Those add up very quickly. Today we have raised over $3000, however I know his medical expenses are going to be so much higher than that. We will continue to campaign to raise even more money. 

Be sure to come back for Part 3 to see how Matthew is progressing!

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