A Beautiful Miracle

Published on 12 April 2023 at 15:17

Part 1:

Today I want to share with you A Beautiful Miracle.

On February 28 of this year, my best friend's son, Matthew, was involved in a horrific accident. This is a recap of his journey back from devastation. 

Matthew is a 24 yr old hardworking husband, to Abigail, and father to 2 daughters, Victoria (4yrs) and Sophia (2yrs).

He went into the Marine Corp at only 17 years old where he graduated from Paris Island as a squad leader on February 27, 2017; 10 days before his 18th birthday! Matthew couldn't wait to start his life with his beautiful Abigail, so they married on March 13, 2017. This year, Matthew landed a job as a cell tower technician and was lucky enough to be invited to work in Hawaii! So, he went over to get a home set up for his family, he was able to move his family to be with him in Hawaii 2 months ago. 

On Feb 28 Matthew and Abigail decided to take the girls to the beach for the day. They were having the best time when tragedy struck. Matthew swam out to some rocks that he has jumped from several times before to let the girls watch him. When he got to "his spot to stand" it was gone, and he had no footing. Then suddenly, a rough wave crashed into him knocking him down onto more rocks. The impact instantly crushed his hip and broke his femur. It was only by a miracle he was able to swim with his upper body back to safe area where strangers realized he was in danger and helped pull him onto the shore. Life flight picked him up on the beach with his femur protruding from his outer thigh. 10 hours later at the hospital, he was finally able to have surgery. Now faced with a long road to recovery from his family day at the beach, he woke to find pins and rods in his femur and a plate to repair his hip. Devastated does nothing to describe his emotional state of mind.

Seeing how Matthew was only with his new job for a short time, he didn't have medical insurance. The healthcare in Hawaii is also very limited, so after speaking with his parents back in Georgia, a decision was made to bring Matthew back to Georgia so he could get good quality care and rehabilitation. So, his mother, Jennifer, packed a bag and hopped on a plane to Hawaii to help Matthew get things in order so he could come back to Georgia. Jennifer arrived in Hawaii on March 3 and went straight to the hospital to be by Matthew's side. After spending a week in the hospital, he received clearance to fly home with his mother. 

Please come back to read about Matthew's journey.


Please come back to read about Matthew's journey.

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